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Worst Place to Rob Podcast

Axe King and Queen

Suckers are born every day and you aren't one of them. If you're reading this now, you've probably heard one or two, maybe three podcasts about business. This one promises to be built different. We beg the question; have you ever been robbed? You could be being robbed right now. If I'm robbing you of your precious time while you’re listening and researching podcasts, you wouldn't really know until you tuned in. Nobody ever wakes up wanting to be a victim. Nobody wakes up with the desire to be robbed. Listen to the Two Knights and their guests for expert tips on how to not get robbed of your time, your freedom, your hard-earned income, your business, your happiness, and whatever else you can think of that gets robbed from you on a daily basis. The Knights own a chain of axe throwing entertainment venues, a marketing company, and two chiweenies named Rupert and Pepper. Check the bios to see what else the Knights are about, or just tune in sometime. Stay tight, don't get robbed.